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Friday, February 25, 2011

A sneak peak of a shop feature

As you all know, I have 2 beautiful girls. And of coarse they are spoiled! If I say "no" alot of times daddy comes in to save them and vice versa at times. I guess. LOL.
I am constantly looking for cute things for them on Etsy. Months ago I stumbled across this shop in Etsy Chat. Which I may add, is quite addicting and time consuming. Housework and other chores are procrastinated often and so does the cooking. This I am sure my hubby gets a little annoyed at but would never admit it. I am so glad that I procrastinated these things for chat, or I would have never came across this awesome shop. Anyone with little girls...go shopping there now!

The hat I made. You can see/purchase other hats and items i have crocheted at

I have 10 pairs now of her leg/arm warmers for the girls..well 8 pairs for the girls and 2 for me that I use as arm warmers. They have been great for this sporatic weather this year.

 As soon as my oldest comes home and if weather permitting, I shall get her to model some of her arm/leg warmers!
One pair that I have been wearing daily it seems. The fox fur ring I made and is still available in my FeatherAhead shop.
As soon as I obtain more followers, I will do official shop features and a giveaway and discounts etc.
I will end this as a preperation for the next post. It will be on a subject that I am positive we have all had to endure at some point. Please get your tissues ready. I will be in search of shops willing to participate as well. Thank you for your continued support


  1. Your kid is freakin' adorable. The end.

  2. Thanks for the blog feature Chantell! I love all of the pictures ♥