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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love shoes and baby feet!

As a typical woman, I love shoes! I have been blessed with 2 girls so far and enjoy buying shoes for them any chance I get!
The skull shoes were bought by Paegen's(my oldest) Father and girlfriend for Adealia.(my youngest)

I have so many shoes even though I have gotten rid of alot. People often joke that I have a foot fetish as to the amount of feet/shoe pics I have.

These are not my style of shoes but they make for a great photo!

The only feet that I love are baby feet! So small. So cute!
So don't misunderstand my pictures of shoes as a feet fetish...its a shoe fetish..unless of coarse they are baby feet! Soon I shall have pictures to post of my shoe collection. I have "hooker" style shoes that I love love love but have found that shopping at Walmart with my kids might not look so great :)

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  1. I totally need to figure out the closet portal to borrow shoes from you >_>