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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be My Valentine Kids Arts and Crafts

When I was a kid, I loved the little Weevil stickers. They were a colorful pom pom with wiggly eyes, antennas, and foam sticker feet. I tried to google them, to get a reference picture, and I came up with nothing. This is how I got my idea for this inexpensive Valentine Craft project.
My daughter is in Kindergarten. With Valentines Day approaching, they are encouraging kids to make or buy Valentines for each of their classmates. I of coarse, wanted her to make hers. I bought the supplies needed except for the pen and scissors..items I already had..for around $10 for enough supplies to make 20+ of my Valentine Bugs.  Items needed:
1. Scissors..I recommend cutting out the hearts yourself but with supervision, your child could cut them out
2. Pen and Sharpie
3. Felt..any color of choice. I went with red and white
4. 1 Bag of cotton balls You will use 5 cotton balls per bug
5. Elmer's Glue. I recommend the pen style shown in pictures for controlled gluing
6. Pipe cleaners My daughter loves sparkle. So instead of messy glitter I went with the fancy tinsel style pipe cleaners
7. Wiggly Eyes
8. Artificial Rose Petals..color of choice...I went with red
9. Heart template..I cut out a heart from cardboard I had laying around. Its thick enough and sturdy enough for easy tracing
Step one- Use your heart template and trace a heart on your piece of felt

Step Two- Cut out heart and set aside
Step Three- Glue 2 cotton balls together side by side
Step Four- Glue 2 rose petals between 2 more cotton balls(i off centered mine so the wings are open)

Step five- Measure to desired length and cut arms from pipe cleaner
Step six- Glue pipe cleaners to original pair of glued cotton balls

Step seven- glue both pairs of cotton balls together making sure that pipe cleaners(arms) are in the middle of the pairs-set aside
Step eight- Have your child write the name of the person it goes to on the bottom of the cut felt heart, turn over and apply glue to the top
Step nine- set the 4 glue cotton balls(body) on the heart ensuring that the wings are at the point(bottom) of heart. Set aside
Step ten- Last cotton ball is the head. I slightly pulled up the top of the cotton ball to give it some "hair"(you could also cut yarn and glue for yarn) Put 2 glue dots on the "face"

Step eleven-Place eyes on glue

Step twelve- Cut approx 1/4" piece from pipe cleaner for mouth..bend to shape and glue to head
Step thirteen- Glue head to top of body. I put the glue on the body for less mess in case head is dropped
Step fourteen- let dry for at least 4hrs before handling

And now you have your cutey Valentine Bug!

I will update this weekend with more photos while my daughter is making hers. Let me know if you have any questions!
Hope you give it a try!

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