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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MTcoffinz = LOVE

Right now, MTcoffinz is having a giveaway. I would looove to win. Even runner up would be most excellent. Read on to find the details on how you can help.

As you have read in past, I love love love MTcoffinz eye shadow. And of coarse their amazing tutus. I have one and my daughters have one.

Shadow on bare lid.

I have less than half of the eye shadow is a tragedy..yes I know...but if I win or even get runner up, I shall be so much closer to having the complete line!
Why do I love it? It stays on all AND all night. All night? YES! I have a horrid habbit of not washing my face at the end of the day. My eye shadow stays in place all night! The summers here are horridly hot. I haven't had any problems with it creasing due to the sweat of the heat.

What is not to love about the tutus? Very full and well made! Next on my wishlist from them is the bridal/prom full length red and black tutu. See HERE! As you can see, it is very ME :D

Right now, MTcoffinz is having a giveaway. I would looove to win. Even runner up would be most excellent.

It is super simple. Please go to MTcoffinz and click "LIKE" Then go to her NOTE about the contest. Leave a comment saying that I, Chantell Reid sent you. That's it! Feel free to enter for yourself too!

Leave a comment here when you have completed the above. If I get enough people to help..I may due a drawing of those that helped :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Been A Rough Summer

Mid June we had the BEST family vacation ever. There was no yelling and we had quality family time at the coast while celebrating my youngest daughter's second birthday. At the end of our lil vacation, we got sorrowful news that my husbands grandpa was not doing so well.

On our way home, we made an emergency detour to Bend to what we discovered was our last goodbyes. It was a tragic end to such a wonderful weekend. His grandpa had pneumonia that he let go too long and it led to fatal problems. It came as such a shock. He passed 4 days prior the 1yr date of his wife passing. Grandma lost her battle to cancer last year.  So, grandpa's passing was devastating.

The weekend of July 4th, we spent mourning the family's loss. Saturday was spent having quality family time and then Sunday, we all went to Elk Camp to spread the ashes of grandma and grandpa. They spent years hunting and camping at this camp site. There was no better place for them to be. Their kids and grand kids all spent quality time with them there.  It was an emotional day. Laughter in remembrance and tears as reality of them gone set in.
At the end of the path of ashes, the sun shown down and formed what looks like 2 spots joining together.
Their urns were buried where they would sit next to the campfire. When I took this picture, a few of us were still gathered around. Only when I got home, did I notice that there was a heart around them. This is NOT photoshopped. The only thing I edited, was the outer area I made black and white and added the text to the right.
Since then, we are getting back in the groove of things and it is getting easier. We now have some new struggles. Our oldest as many of you know has struggled with behavioral issues since she was about 2. In May of this year, we actually got some true help. We have had to make changes and will always have to do things a bit differently when raising her but the end goal is to make our lives happier. Recently though, my fears have become reality. I never wanted to accept that I had a difficult child, that there was something wrong with her. And definitely not a child that needed medication. Well, she is now on 2 types. If they work, I am all for it. And the end goal is to be able to take her off the medications but it is still tough for me to accept.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

MTcoffinz Alternative Clothing Tutus!

Some time back, I discovered a shop on Etsy. I then learned she had 2 shops AND a website! What initially drew me in, was a formal tutu.

Then, she produced a makeup line. And well, you know how much I LOVE THAT!

From there, I stumbled upon the piped tu tu. I knew I instantly wanted my girls to have one. I saw that they didn't openly offer the child sizes needed, so I contacted her assistant. I told her color wasn't all that important but told her my girls' favorite colors. She suggested a purple/pink combo that would match but be a definite contrast. I measured and submitted sizes...I hope my pictures do them justice!

Next will be my piped tu tu! A red and black that I will be modeling for them. I have the perfect red and black boots! I am sooo excited! Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UPDATE on my Etsy

Ok. So a while back I posted that I was closing shop.  After a critique virtual lab with Etsy admin HeyMichelle, I was inspired to keep going and create some new items. In this lab, I learned that the item that the admin had purchased is on youtube in an Etsy video. Please see at the bottom of my blog.

I am so glad that I did. Because I decided to keep going, I ended up selling my cancer tribute top hat and then was able to donate $131.25 to The American Cancer Society.
It sold for $175.00 for a birthday gift to a woman who volunteers at a children's cancer hospital. 75% of the proceeds were donated as a memorial donation for Peggy Zemmer for the continued cancer research.
Peggy, my husband's grandmother lost her battle to cancer last year. She was a strong woman and I am honored that I was able to know her. She will be remembered always.

I will be making another headpiece in honor of my grandmother who also passed away due to cancer. Make your donation today! $5 is all it takes!

Sorry for the delay...Baby Lilah

She is so precious and sweet. One would never guess that she was born premature and at 7 weeks weighing in at 8.8lbs. When I got to see her pretty blue eyes it was a treat.

She was a great model for me and tolerated the different positions and various headbands and hats :)

Nothing more sweet and innocent than a precious sleeping baby.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slight Review with a BONUS!

I have done a review on MTcoffinz Eyeshadow but for some reason, I failed to mention the eye shadow primer. we go.

The primer is just as fabulous as the shadows. I have pretty dry skin. Especially where I live. It is desert like weather during the summer and the winters are cold. These conditions take a toll on your skin. I typically used a brand name eye shadow primer but it was a bit dry for me. I would have to use an extra moisturizer on my eye lids before applying it. NOT ANYMORE!

With MTcoffinz's Under The Rainbow-Eye Primer, I no longer have to use the extra moisturizer and I don't have to worry about the shadows creasing as the day and night wears.

I did a shoot yesterday at sunset. It was warm and in direct sun. Here is at the start:

Here is halfway through our shoot:

And finally at the end:

as you can see, NO CREASES!
And I can tell you, that it lasts all night. I have a horrid bad habit of sleeping with my makeup on and this morning my shadow still looked pretty great. My mascara didn't fair so well but the shadow was still good.

A clip inspired by one of MTcoffinz eye shadows.

Now, for the Bonus! I have 2 questions. The FIRST person who answers BOTH questions correctly will get to choose 1 item out of 1 of my Etsy shops for 50% off! or

Question #1:

What FOUR MTcoffinz eye shadows am I wearing? Order doesn't matter...

Question #2:
What eye shadow color was the clip inspired by?

You may answer here in the comment section OR on my facebook fanpage. This "contest" will end July 1, 2011, 12pm PT

Friday, June 10, 2011

I think this has to be addressed

This post is due to a post a saw on my friend's facebook this morning. The topic?

Pit Bull Ban! Seriously?!?!?!

The state of Texas is pushing for a full statewide ban. Ridiculous. I did some research and found that there is only one county in Oregon that has a ban. The county is a "in the middle of nowhere" area. Quite funny if you ask me. I am sure they see alot more problems from "big kitties," coyotes and bears in their area than they ever would from a pit bull. Washington has quite a few counties, cities that have the ban but most are just a clarification that they are deemed potentially dangerous.
Children can be potential dangerous too, so should we "stereotype" them? No, because that would be cruel. LMAO
California has restrictions in some cities and counties to have your pit bull sterilized. Which, I have to say I can see the point there to an extent. It shouldn't be just that breed though.

That is the extent of my research because I just got to0 upset about it. I am a PROUD owner of 3 pit bulls. 2 males and a female. We also have a basset hound. I can honestly tell you that my basset hound is the pack leader! What she says goes for the 3 pits. Quite the site to see. I also have bred and raised this breed consistently for 2years in Hawaii.
My oldest pit is a male. Thunder is his name...thanks to our oldest daughter who will be 7. And yes, our dogs have been raised around our kids. Thunder is the biggest baby and scaredy cat. He is 3 years old and scared to death of tumble weeds and and anyone new that comes over. He would rather stay in the safety of his bed than see anyone new lol.

Our other 2, Sampson and Shorty are brother and sister. They are the newest additions to our family. They are crate trained, potty trained and never try to run off even though our yard isn't fenced. They think they are lap dogs and are great around the kids even though they haven't been raised around them.(they were about 5months old when we got them)

By far the best dogs I have ever owned. My parents raised weiner dogs..and well, we had one that used to bite me all the time. I have owned a pomese and he tried to attack our oldest every time she got near him so he had to be re homed.
NONE OF MY PIT BULLS HAVE EVER BEEN POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS! I believe that is due to my knowledge of pet ownership and raising. The wrong pet owner and ANY breed can be "potentially dangerous."
I would love to make a law/ban for retarded pet owners.