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Thursday, July 7, 2011

MTcoffinz Alternative Clothing Tutus!

Some time back, I discovered a shop on Etsy. I then learned she had 2 shops AND a website! What initially drew me in, was a formal tutu.

Then, she produced a makeup line. And well, you know how much I LOVE THAT!

From there, I stumbled upon the piped tu tu. I knew I instantly wanted my girls to have one. I saw that they didn't openly offer the child sizes needed, so I contacted her assistant. I told her color wasn't all that important but told her my girls' favorite colors. She suggested a purple/pink combo that would match but be a definite contrast. I measured and submitted sizes...I hope my pictures do them justice!

Next will be my piped tu tu! A red and black that I will be modeling for them. I have the perfect red and black boots! I am sooo excited! Stay tuned!!

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