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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UPDATE on my Etsy

Ok. So a while back I posted that I was closing shop.  After a critique virtual lab with Etsy admin HeyMichelle, I was inspired to keep going and create some new items. In this lab, I learned that the item that the admin had purchased is on youtube in an Etsy video. Please see at the bottom of my blog.

I am so glad that I did. Because I decided to keep going, I ended up selling my cancer tribute top hat and then was able to donate $131.25 to The American Cancer Society.
It sold for $175.00 for a birthday gift to a woman who volunteers at a children's cancer hospital. 75% of the proceeds were donated as a memorial donation for Peggy Zemmer for the continued cancer research.
Peggy, my husband's grandmother lost her battle to cancer last year. She was a strong woman and I am honored that I was able to know her. She will be remembered always.

I will be making another headpiece in honor of my grandmother who also passed away due to cancer. Make your donation today! $5 is all it takes!

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