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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Been A Rough Summer

Mid June we had the BEST family vacation ever. There was no yelling and we had quality family time at the coast while celebrating my youngest daughter's second birthday. At the end of our lil vacation, we got sorrowful news that my husbands grandpa was not doing so well.

On our way home, we made an emergency detour to Bend to what we discovered was our last goodbyes. It was a tragic end to such a wonderful weekend. His grandpa had pneumonia that he let go too long and it led to fatal problems. It came as such a shock. He passed 4 days prior the 1yr date of his wife passing. Grandma lost her battle to cancer last year.  So, grandpa's passing was devastating.

The weekend of July 4th, we spent mourning the family's loss. Saturday was spent having quality family time and then Sunday, we all went to Elk Camp to spread the ashes of grandma and grandpa. They spent years hunting and camping at this camp site. There was no better place for them to be. Their kids and grand kids all spent quality time with them there.  It was an emotional day. Laughter in remembrance and tears as reality of them gone set in.
At the end of the path of ashes, the sun shown down and formed what looks like 2 spots joining together.
Their urns were buried where they would sit next to the campfire. When I took this picture, a few of us were still gathered around. Only when I got home, did I notice that there was a heart around them. This is NOT photoshopped. The only thing I edited, was the outer area I made black and white and added the text to the right.
Since then, we are getting back in the groove of things and it is getting easier. We now have some new struggles. Our oldest as many of you know has struggled with behavioral issues since she was about 2. In May of this year, we actually got some true help. We have had to make changes and will always have to do things a bit differently when raising her but the end goal is to make our lives happier. Recently though, my fears have become reality. I never wanted to accept that I had a difficult child, that there was something wrong with her. And definitely not a child that needed medication. Well, she is now on 2 types. If they work, I am all for it. And the end goal is to be able to take her off the medications but it is still tough for me to accept.

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