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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slight Review with a BONUS!

I have done a review on MTcoffinz Eyeshadow but for some reason, I failed to mention the eye shadow primer. we go.

The primer is just as fabulous as the shadows. I have pretty dry skin. Especially where I live. It is desert like weather during the summer and the winters are cold. These conditions take a toll on your skin. I typically used a brand name eye shadow primer but it was a bit dry for me. I would have to use an extra moisturizer on my eye lids before applying it. NOT ANYMORE!

With MTcoffinz's Under The Rainbow-Eye Primer, I no longer have to use the extra moisturizer and I don't have to worry about the shadows creasing as the day and night wears.

I did a shoot yesterday at sunset. It was warm and in direct sun. Here is at the start:

Here is halfway through our shoot:

And finally at the end:

as you can see, NO CREASES!
And I can tell you, that it lasts all night. I have a horrid bad habit of sleeping with my makeup on and this morning my shadow still looked pretty great. My mascara didn't fair so well but the shadow was still good.

A clip inspired by one of MTcoffinz eye shadows.

Now, for the Bonus! I have 2 questions. The FIRST person who answers BOTH questions correctly will get to choose 1 item out of 1 of my Etsy shops for 50% off! or

Question #1:

What FOUR MTcoffinz eye shadows am I wearing? Order doesn't matter...

Question #2:
What eye shadow color was the clip inspired by?

You may answer here in the comment section OR on my facebook fanpage. This "contest" will end July 1, 2011, 12pm PT

Friday, June 10, 2011

I think this has to be addressed

This post is due to a post a saw on my friend's facebook this morning. The topic?

Pit Bull Ban! Seriously?!?!?!

The state of Texas is pushing for a full statewide ban. Ridiculous. I did some research and found that there is only one county in Oregon that has a ban. The county is a "in the middle of nowhere" area. Quite funny if you ask me. I am sure they see alot more problems from "big kitties," coyotes and bears in their area than they ever would from a pit bull. Washington has quite a few counties, cities that have the ban but most are just a clarification that they are deemed potentially dangerous.
Children can be potential dangerous too, so should we "stereotype" them? No, because that would be cruel. LMAO
California has restrictions in some cities and counties to have your pit bull sterilized. Which, I have to say I can see the point there to an extent. It shouldn't be just that breed though.

That is the extent of my research because I just got to0 upset about it. I am a PROUD owner of 3 pit bulls. 2 males and a female. We also have a basset hound. I can honestly tell you that my basset hound is the pack leader! What she says goes for the 3 pits. Quite the site to see. I also have bred and raised this breed consistently for 2years in Hawaii.
My oldest pit is a male. Thunder is his name...thanks to our oldest daughter who will be 7. And yes, our dogs have been raised around our kids. Thunder is the biggest baby and scaredy cat. He is 3 years old and scared to death of tumble weeds and and anyone new that comes over. He would rather stay in the safety of his bed than see anyone new lol.

Our other 2, Sampson and Shorty are brother and sister. They are the newest additions to our family. They are crate trained, potty trained and never try to run off even though our yard isn't fenced. They think they are lap dogs and are great around the kids even though they haven't been raised around them.(they were about 5months old when we got them)

By far the best dogs I have ever owned. My parents raised weiner dogs..and well, we had one that used to bite me all the time. I have owned a pomese and he tried to attack our oldest every time she got near him so he had to be re homed.
NONE OF MY PIT BULLS HAVE EVER BEEN POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS! I believe that is due to my knowledge of pet ownership and raising. The wrong pet owner and ANY breed can be "potentially dangerous."
I would love to make a law/ban for retarded pet owners.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etsy shops update!

Yes. The rumor is true. I will not be listing anything new or renewing things when they are ready to expire.

From my previous post you can see that we are going through a lot here at home. I feel that my energy and focus needs to be on what's important- MY FAMILY!

I have been on etsy since April 2010. I started out as CReid0409, then in November 2010, I split into 2 shops. FeatherAhead and CreationsByCReid.

 It was a new start..a fresh one. Or at least that is what I told myself. Under CReid0409, I had a total of 6 sales. Since Nov, I have had 3 sales in my FeatherAhead shop and no sales in my CreationsByCReid shop. I know that all of my focus was in FeatherAhead and that is probably why my other shop never went anywhere.

We don't have an extra room at home for my workspace, so the living room becomes my workspace. Currently it takes up a good portion of it. I have to try and keep it "shoved" into the corner, so anytime I want to work on something, I end up stringing it all over the place. I would just organize it better but that would mean taking up even more space.  With all of the supplies and finished pieces piling up, it is overwhelming. And each day, as I obsessively check my shops hoping for a sale, I am more and more discouraged at the lack of sales.

I have had my shop critiqued and one of my sales was by an Etsy Admin. They say, "patience." You are doing everything right. Just hang in there. Well sadly, I am out of patience and more importantly I am out of money.

My oldest is finishing her last day of Kindergarten today. That means she will be home for the next 3 months or so. My attention needs to be undivided for the kiddos for awhile. And for my wonderful husband who works so hard for us. He has supported me throughout this whole adventure even though it has cost us money that we could have better put somewhere else.

I will continue my passion of Photography in the meantime and plan to get my family more involved in it. We will do a photo scavenger hunt this summer which I am super excited for. Hopefully I will get one or two more weddings this year and lots of portraits scheduled.
 Email me for available dates and rates. You can also find me on facebook.

A while back I opened a shop to put my photography to use. It doesn't cost anything and doesn't take up space. So far it keeps the creativity flowing and I get to see my photography in use. A win win all the way around.

Unless I get completely sold out, the last day that FeatherAhead will be open is October 7, 2011 and October 5, 2011 for CreationsByCReid.
Coupon codes: FeatherAhead coupon code: SUMMER15 for 15% off (don't forget to check out the sale section for additional savings)
CreationsByCReid coupon code: CREIDSUMMER15 for 15% off
Now, if the coupons still don't help make my items into your budget, convo me with reasonable offer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A little insight can go a long way

For years I have been looked at and judged. Not because of the way I look but because of how I have raised my oldest.
Her first day at Kindergarten!

She will be 7 this year. Ever since she turned 2, we noticed she was different. That her terrible 2's phase was far out of control. When I brought it up to the pediatrics office, they just chuckled and said, "it's normal. It's a phase and will come to pass." This was a common topic as the years went by at their office and the response was always the same. They did suggest that I could see their in office therapist but it was more directed at the parents rather than the child. Maybe I should have given it a shot but I thought, what's the point if it's just a phase.

It has been a struggle to find even friends that would watch her for any reason. The first few times would be great and then it would be, "I'm sorry but I can't watch her anymore."
During her fits as we would call them, her eyes would sort of glaze over and she was not aware of what was going on. We tried cold showers to "snap" her out of it and she developed a want for these showers. Time outs you say? Ya right. That would start its own problem. Put her in her room and shut the door? She would and will to this day try to break it down. Put her in the corner? Only if you can handle to arguing, the yelling and "fidgeting." We tried spanking...and don't you dare judge. Spanking has never worked nor have time outs. So, in our house we have resorted to YELLING and lots of it. We could never really understand why she was sooo good at school and everywhere else was so different and not in a good way. It was a frustrated and angry household. Who wants a life like that?

 It started to take a toll on my marriage..How can this be..we haven't been married a full year yet and we have been together since before she was born. He told me, "I can't deal with her anymore." It was like he slapped me, ripped a portion of my heart and spat on it. I desperately started asking for help.
My girlfriend of years referred me to a psychiatrist. She has a special needs daughter(adopted) that requires medication and therapy. I immediately called the office and started the paperwork process. Finally, after 4 1/2yrs, we have answers! After 3 appointments we have a diagnosis-ODD, Anxiety that bring on symptoms of ADHD. While the psychiatrist did say that medications were a possibility, he didn't want to unless it was the only thing left. He recommended a natural supplement to help with her sleeping and we have her first therapy appt scheduled.
It has been 1 week since the diagnosis and already we have seen a difference. She is sleeping better and we are coping better. The yelling has decreased almost 50%!

Please read this link to better understand what we have been coping with for the last 4 years:
While the above link only scratches the surface of what we have lived with for the last 4 yrs or so, I hope that you can have a better understanding.
We are on our road to recovery and a happy family. In a little over a week, we will be taking a family trip to celebrate her lil sisters bday. She is turning 2. I am hoping with the new information and our positive new coping methods, it will be the first en joyful family trip with only more happy ones to follow.

Stay tuned as I will keep you all updated with our progress!

Meet The Talent Behind Malcakes25 Made by Malcakes

When entering an Etsy shop, it is kind of hard to get to know the artist/seller. While there is the Etsy Profile, it still doesn't cover the "personal" aspect you would get, if you were entering an actual shop. Here is my solution..instead of a "shop" feature, I am going to feature the artist/shop owner!

Introducing, Mallory:

 I asked her a variety of questions:

Question:What book are you reading currently or the most recent book you have read?

I am currently reading the book The Sparks Fly Upward by Diana Norman. It
is a historical fiction novel, which are my absolute favorites. I love to
read and finish between one and two books a week. I prefer to buy my books
or rent them from the library, I will never buy a kindle because I like
the old school feel of a page between my fingers, and that is lost with a
electronic version.

Question:If you could choose an era to visit, what would it be and why?

I would choose the 50's of course! I believe that this era was by far the

What inspires you?

The world around me, nature, old found objects, creepy things, old images,
friends and family.

What are your favorite materials?

Using old paper in a variety of my art work is my absolute favorite.

Question:Do you sell exclusively on Etsy?

I do not sell exclusively on etsy.

     If not, where else?

I sell in a few small boutiques, I am very fortunate in how well I do
there. I occasionally sell at some shows, and I have been a vendor at the
Pink Parlour Festival the past couple years. I  sometimes sell wholesale
to places as well.

Question:What is your favorite item in your shop currently and why?

My favorite items that are currently in my shop is The Dreamer
Necklace-Anatomy Series .

I love the creepy vintage anatomical image that
sits inside the bezel, the weirder the better. I also really like the
Wyatt Earp Necklace that says "Tomorrow is a New Day", I love the old
west, cowboys and the sort.

My personal favorite is:

I particularly love the quote on this piece!

I encourage everyone to follow their dreams! Create what you want with no
regard to what anyone says, ignore the naysayers, be who you want to be.


She has given you a coupon code: Here's a 10% off coupon code for anyone who is interested: coolpeople10

What is your favorite item in her shop?
Thank you Mallory for letting us get to know you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MTcoffinz alternative clothing Make up Review

If any of you know me well enough, you know that I LOVE makeup. For years though, I have been loyal to one makeup company. I have been cheating on them with MTcoffinz! For now, they only have a growing eye shadow line and a shadow primer but so far its fabulous!

My first order was split between my mom and I and this is my portion:
as you can see, in each box came these lil quotes that are actually stickers! because our order was over 4 shadows, we had a lil gift..a makeup bag!
My recent order...I love the personalized note on the box!

Makeup is so hard to buy online with no actual swatch to compare and even then, colors can be altered due to computer screens, lighting etc. I have provided a swatch "chart" for your comparison. Please note, I am Asian mix so my skin tends to be more olive than pale. I did the swatches on my inner arm where I had more room(no tattoos :D) and where the skin was more natural in color:
The top line is with the primer and the lower line is without.
colors from left to right:
Charisma, Acid Reign, Rumor, Afterburner, Wicked, Nemesis, Medusa, Wormwood, Fallen and Nocturne
As you can see, the primer makes the colors pop that much more and allows for all day lasting. While each pot comes with its own foam touch up brush, I have yet to use it.

I also wanted to show you the blending abilities. On the inside of my forearm, I did a "patch" of a mock left eye

 Primer first, inner-wormwood, center-Medusa, outer-Nocturne, liner-Nocturne
This look was done: inner:Acid Reign, center:Charisma, outer:Fallen, liner:Nocturne

Why am I using shadow for liner you ask? It blends and stays better in my opinion. I use an angle brush that is slightly damp and apply the shadow. I don't have a problem with it smearing or getting tacky and leaving a mark on my upper lid.

here are the colors for the above look. This photo also shows the little brush that EACH pot comes with!!!
As mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have been a loyal makeup user of one big name brand of makeup. If the colors and quality weren't enough of a draw, here is another reason that I will be buying MTcoffinz makeup:
Here you can see the size difference. The center one, is the brand I have bought for years. As you can see, the pots are alot bigger with MTcoffinz AND they cost less! With the latest order, I even received a credit back for an overpayment in shipping! Was so awesome!

If you are interested in purchasing your very own MTcoffinz makeup, please visit the website!  For a list of ingredients used in their makeup please visit this link.  There are often sales! Make sure to also "like" them on facebook.  and to check out their Etsy shop!

I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful. I shall keep you updated on further purchases :)