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Friday, June 10, 2011

I think this has to be addressed

This post is due to a post a saw on my friend's facebook this morning. The topic?

Pit Bull Ban! Seriously?!?!?!

The state of Texas is pushing for a full statewide ban. Ridiculous. I did some research and found that there is only one county in Oregon that has a ban. The county is a "in the middle of nowhere" area. Quite funny if you ask me. I am sure they see alot more problems from "big kitties," coyotes and bears in their area than they ever would from a pit bull. Washington has quite a few counties, cities that have the ban but most are just a clarification that they are deemed potentially dangerous.
Children can be potential dangerous too, so should we "stereotype" them? No, because that would be cruel. LMAO
California has restrictions in some cities and counties to have your pit bull sterilized. Which, I have to say I can see the point there to an extent. It shouldn't be just that breed though.

That is the extent of my research because I just got to0 upset about it. I am a PROUD owner of 3 pit bulls. 2 males and a female. We also have a basset hound. I can honestly tell you that my basset hound is the pack leader! What she says goes for the 3 pits. Quite the site to see. I also have bred and raised this breed consistently for 2years in Hawaii.
My oldest pit is a male. Thunder is his name...thanks to our oldest daughter who will be 7. And yes, our dogs have been raised around our kids. Thunder is the biggest baby and scaredy cat. He is 3 years old and scared to death of tumble weeds and and anyone new that comes over. He would rather stay in the safety of his bed than see anyone new lol.

Our other 2, Sampson and Shorty are brother and sister. They are the newest additions to our family. They are crate trained, potty trained and never try to run off even though our yard isn't fenced. They think they are lap dogs and are great around the kids even though they haven't been raised around them.(they were about 5months old when we got them)

By far the best dogs I have ever owned. My parents raised weiner dogs..and well, we had one that used to bite me all the time. I have owned a pomese and he tried to attack our oldest every time she got near him so he had to be re homed.
NONE OF MY PIT BULLS HAVE EVER BEEN POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS! I believe that is due to my knowledge of pet ownership and raising. The wrong pet owner and ANY breed can be "potentially dangerous."
I would love to make a law/ban for retarded pet owners.

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  1. In the Marine Corps you have your dog tested if its an aggressive breed. If it is not or does not pass and is an aggressive breed it is not allowed in base housing. There is a long list of breeds, but in my experience its the ones not on the list that are far more aggressive....but it does all depend on how the dog has been treated and raised in the past.