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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slight Review with a BONUS!

I have done a review on MTcoffinz Eyeshadow but for some reason, I failed to mention the eye shadow primer. we go.

The primer is just as fabulous as the shadows. I have pretty dry skin. Especially where I live. It is desert like weather during the summer and the winters are cold. These conditions take a toll on your skin. I typically used a brand name eye shadow primer but it was a bit dry for me. I would have to use an extra moisturizer on my eye lids before applying it. NOT ANYMORE!

With MTcoffinz's Under The Rainbow-Eye Primer, I no longer have to use the extra moisturizer and I don't have to worry about the shadows creasing as the day and night wears.

I did a shoot yesterday at sunset. It was warm and in direct sun. Here is at the start:

Here is halfway through our shoot:

And finally at the end:

as you can see, NO CREASES!
And I can tell you, that it lasts all night. I have a horrid bad habit of sleeping with my makeup on and this morning my shadow still looked pretty great. My mascara didn't fair so well but the shadow was still good.

A clip inspired by one of MTcoffinz eye shadows.

Now, for the Bonus! I have 2 questions. The FIRST person who answers BOTH questions correctly will get to choose 1 item out of 1 of my Etsy shops for 50% off! or

Question #1:

What FOUR MTcoffinz eye shadows am I wearing? Order doesn't matter...

Question #2:
What eye shadow color was the clip inspired by?

You may answer here in the comment section OR on my facebook fanpage. This "contest" will end July 1, 2011, 12pm PT

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