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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etsy shops update!

Yes. The rumor is true. I will not be listing anything new or renewing things when they are ready to expire.

From my previous post you can see that we are going through a lot here at home. I feel that my energy and focus needs to be on what's important- MY FAMILY!

I have been on etsy since April 2010. I started out as CReid0409, then in November 2010, I split into 2 shops. FeatherAhead and CreationsByCReid.

 It was a new start..a fresh one. Or at least that is what I told myself. Under CReid0409, I had a total of 6 sales. Since Nov, I have had 3 sales in my FeatherAhead shop and no sales in my CreationsByCReid shop. I know that all of my focus was in FeatherAhead and that is probably why my other shop never went anywhere.

We don't have an extra room at home for my workspace, so the living room becomes my workspace. Currently it takes up a good portion of it. I have to try and keep it "shoved" into the corner, so anytime I want to work on something, I end up stringing it all over the place. I would just organize it better but that would mean taking up even more space.  With all of the supplies and finished pieces piling up, it is overwhelming. And each day, as I obsessively check my shops hoping for a sale, I am more and more discouraged at the lack of sales.

I have had my shop critiqued and one of my sales was by an Etsy Admin. They say, "patience." You are doing everything right. Just hang in there. Well sadly, I am out of patience and more importantly I am out of money.

My oldest is finishing her last day of Kindergarten today. That means she will be home for the next 3 months or so. My attention needs to be undivided for the kiddos for awhile. And for my wonderful husband who works so hard for us. He has supported me throughout this whole adventure even though it has cost us money that we could have better put somewhere else.

I will continue my passion of Photography in the meantime and plan to get my family more involved in it. We will do a photo scavenger hunt this summer which I am super excited for. Hopefully I will get one or two more weddings this year and lots of portraits scheduled.
 Email me for available dates and rates. You can also find me on facebook.

A while back I opened a shop to put my photography to use. It doesn't cost anything and doesn't take up space. So far it keeps the creativity flowing and I get to see my photography in use. A win win all the way around.

Unless I get completely sold out, the last day that FeatherAhead will be open is October 7, 2011 and October 5, 2011 for CreationsByCReid.
Coupon codes: FeatherAhead coupon code: SUMMER15 for 15% off (don't forget to check out the sale section for additional savings)
CreationsByCReid coupon code: CREIDSUMMER15 for 15% off
Now, if the coupons still don't help make my items into your budget, convo me with reasonable offer!

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