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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best Family Dogs EVER

Before you continue reading this post, please properly educate yourself here. While we all know that there are mixed emotions about the dog we are going to discuss today, I ask that you read with an open mind and please be positive.

The pit bull terrier is by far the best dog I have ever owned. I used to breed and raise them when I was living in Hawaii. So loyal and loving and patient with kids. I currently own 3. They have been raised around my kids and never fear that I will have any issues.

Here is Sampson "modeling" for me. The 100% cotton rope toy he is chewing on is available in my old shop CReid0409.

I think it is completely unfair that the breed is getting the bad publicity and not the owners. My ex used to tell me that he was the only one that could ever love me. I used to believe that. That was not my was his fault for telling me that..soo...if you raise a dog to be mean..well its gonna be mean. The kid at school who is picked on daily, will one day not take it anymore and act out because of it. In Hawaii, there was a dog..pit bull..who was tied up in the backyard all the time. The family's son and his friend threw rocks and poked sticks at the dog all the time. One day, the dog had enough and bit one of the kids. They put the dog down and the kids learned nothing of the horrid things they were doing.

modeling again with his sister Shorty

When i was growing up, my parents raised daschunds. Small and cute little dogs when they want to be. They had a male named Bufford. I hated that dog. He would bite me every chance he got. When we would take him out and about and have to stop for gas..well..the gas attendant would have to stand back from the window or else risk losing a finger.

I believe that every dog has the potential to be a vicious mean dog if it is not raised to know better. My oldest pit bull was a "walmart" puppy. He is so scared of EVERYTHING. When the wind blows and a tumble weed gets stuck on his dog run, he will cower in the corner and bark at it all day. If we move things around in the yard, it takes a while for him to get used to it and heaven forbid we have company. He will go hide until they have left. We believe that this is due to the environment he was born into. Over the years we have had him, he has gotten better.

taken w/my cell phone, he was chewing on his bone for the afternoon.

Thunder's buddy is our Basset Hound Annie. She is his boss. There are many days in which she has to put him in his place. Quite a site to see.
this too was taken w/my cell phone. Thunder was a few feet away chewing on his own bone.

They love her and she them. They are very aware of her size as they play.

I apologize for the cell phone pics but sometimes its the quickest camera access when trying to catch something in the moment.
My hopes with this post was to share the positive about a wonderful breed of dog. I understand that not everyone loves them and that's ok. I just hope that people are making the decisions for themselves instead of the media.


  1. It's so sad that they get such a bad rap. I'm sure they're very sweet.. everyone I know who's had one absolutely adores them. It's the little yappy dogs you've gotta watch out for!