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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sorry to leave you hanging after my last post. We are all still praying hard for a miracle. I find myself hugging my girls a little more often. You never know what tomorrow brings and I hope that I leave my girls and husband feeling loved and appreciated every night as they go to bed.
As mentioned in the last blog, I will be making and listing pieces in Jamie's name and all proceeds will be donated to her and her family. So far, I have made 2.
Grey Ribbon-Brain Cancer Awareness (hints of lavender-for overall cancer awareness)

Lavender ribbon-Overall Cancer Awareness

Still looking for a few shops to participate in this. I have one donation so far by Once Found Collection. She is an emerging jewelry designer. Thank you!

Will be listing these at the end of the month..which leads me to my next topic. I will be on vacation with my family for quite awhile this month. All purchases made from March 5-20, will not ship until the 21. For the week of the 21st, I will use USPS Priority to help make up for any inconveniences.
Where are we going you ask? HAWAII! A trip that has been planned and re planned for the last 5yrs is finally happening. So be prepared for many heavy pic posts when we get back! As well as new designs!
Thank you for your continued support through my journey here.
A Hui Hou


  1. 2 weeks! Awesome! Have a great time - I can't wait to experience Hawaii through your pictures :D hee hee.