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Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are back and SURVIVED A TSUNAMI!

Hawaii was amazing! But of coarse we already knew that. There is so much to do and so much to share that I will just give you a sneak peaks of whats to come.
We visited the island of Oahu and stayed with me rephrase While they are in laws from my first marriage, they have continued to be my family even though my ex and I couldn't work it out. They opened their house to us and endured our kids for 9 days. Paegen was a handful..well..2 handfuls. Adealia traveled well. Our family as a whole was much happier and more at peace while on the island.  It was great for me to be home again.

During our stay, we encountered a Tsunami! After a day of relaxation and hanging out with my family, we were informed to turn on the news. Needless to say we got little to no sleep that night. People were crazy trying to fill their gas tanks up. We just laughed and thought why? No real damage in our area. Water came up onto the roadways but that is not uncommon for that area anyway. The next morning/early afternoon we went for a drive to the North Shore and I got some amazing pics at Waimea Bay. The waters were still pretty angry but that didn't stop the crazy surfers and tourists from venturing in.

We did alot of shopping and eating. But that was expected. And then our vacation was over. If it weren't for the tattoos my husband and I got while there and the few trinkets and many could have very easily been a dream.

My sister in law has started making jewelry and is quite awesome at it. She has sold a couple bracelets at a local shop already. I was able to get some amazing pics of her talent. In the near future, I hope to do a little feature on her :) OH, and she is donating the proceeds of a necklace to Jamie's fund!!

my fav that she had done! I even got to wear it :)
I am now burdened by a cold but hoping that it passes soon. I have the clips I will be donating to photo and list, as well as a couple new designs. What do you think of me adding prints from our vacation for sale in my shop? Would love your opinion!!

If you don't wish to wait on seeing more pictures, please feel free to view them on my facebook fanpage. Please be respectful and do not copy my photos. I retain the copyright to ALL of my images and the images I have used of Dawn Aldermans work in previous posts were with her permission.
Thank you.
PS. Once I have 50 blog followers, I will do a giveaway and the official shop features will begin.


  1. I am glad you are back safe and sound but do hope that you can go back and live for it seems to be what you are meant for. I think that adding the pictures is a good idea. I love the sunset and I am sure a lot of others will as well...

  2. What an awesome vacation! I think you should most definitely post prints of your pictures on your etsy shop.

  3. The Hubs and I went to Oahu for our honeymoon and it was just beautiful! I'm glad to hear there wasn't a lot of damage. Whew!

    Also, your sister-in-law makes some pretty stuff!