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Friday, May 27, 2011

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Swihart

Beautiful location and setting for a wedding. The weather? PERFECT! It rained at every moment except during the wedding and all photo taking. Couldn't have been more lucky. It was a quiet, intimate wedding with the closest friends and family sharing in their love.

I wonder if she "sees" the way he looks at her? The love rolls off of him onto her like a rained on windshield that has been treated rainex. In this photo you can see it and you can see how giddy in love she is..

Off to the reception..well..they wanted to ride to the reception this way but decided not to, so we took some pics..

The next morning, we did a little "trash the dress" photo shoot and once again weather was perfect.
They were game for just about anything. The water was a bit cold too..i was in it half way to my knees and my feet seemed to numb a brave but so worth the photos!

Tomorrow I am shooting another for family..with another amazing venue.
The bride and groom to be..stay tuned..for the introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Reid...

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