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Monday, May 9, 2011

Giveaway- And the Three Finalists are!!!!

The purpose of this giveaway is to show appreciation to my fans and to gain a short story with my new collection in mind. I will use the winning short story with proper credit of coarse in my shop announcement and possibly the item listings as well.

We had 6 entries all together. The judge: my close friend/sister in Hawaii. Each entry was given a number so, no names or history about the author was revealed.
Now it is up to you, my fans/followers to choose the winning story! I have still kept the names to the corresponding entries hidden so that there is as much of an equal chance here.
The entry with the most votes by Friday the 13th of May will be the chosen winner. The winner will choose one of the following:

The runners up will receive a coupon code to use in my shops.
To vote, comment with 1,2 or 3. Thank you to all that entered. I am thankful that it wasn't up to me to choose the finalists and the all did such a wonderful job!

Please only vote once and if you are a finalist, please do not say so. Thank you.
Finalist #1:
She blew the dust off the old box carefully opened the flaps anxious to see what was inside. Reaching in she pulled out what looked to be a keepsake box. It was wooden with a picture of a boy and a girl the paint chipped and faded. Running her fingers gingerly over the faces slowly to the front clasp she lifted the lid revealing flowers. Picking on up she saw that it was actually a headband. A orange flower that had faded a little with time with the neatest little bead and just a wisp of a feather to tie it all in. Excited now she gently sifted through the box finding an assortment of headbands and clips. All different colors and sizes but she could picture her mother wearing them, could imagine how beautiful she would have looked. Knowing that from now on these clips would be worn almost daily and each time she passed by a mirror she would remember her mother's embrace with a smile she put the flowers back into the box closed the lid and wiped a single tear from her cheek.

Finalist #2:

Year 2080:
The shed looked out of place in amongst the weeds and over grown bushes, for it was well kept, freshly painted and the window that was open picked up the breeze and made the snow white lace curtains flutter. The first step into the shed, or should say small cottage, for it looked like more of a home than a shed. 
 The door slammed shut,  startling you to the loud sound,  The walls were covered with pictures of the past, full of family members that you knew were family but never met.  One picture in particular kept calling you over.  The picture was all alone on a small wall, looking almost out of place, for there were no other pictures on the wall.  A lone woman leaning against the door of the cottage wearing a long bright colored dress. A dress that they would have been called a maxi back in the day, and around her head was a a beautiful band of lace with a large handmade flower.  The caption on the photo was "Boho Chic" by CReid 2011
Finalist #3:
It was the summer of love and Emma was in it! She had met the man of
her dreams and they were running off to Las Vegas to be Married, she
thought her Mother and Father had no clue.  Late on night they jumped
in their VW Bus and drove off into the next chapter of their lives.
When they arrived at the chapel Emma went in her bag to get the dress
she had made, next to it she found a box she did not put there. She
opened the box to find the most beautiful head band she had ever seen.
There was a note attached to the headpiece that said " Something old:
This lace was part of my wedding dress. Something New: I bought the
center crystal just for you, Something Borrowed: my time with you for
it can never be replaced, Something Blue: My heart for not being there
with you!"


  1. They are all so lovely. I liked number 2, it was sooo detailed, almost thought I was there ;)

  2. I had a vote come in on my link post on my facebook personal page for Entry #3.

  3. My vote is for finalist #2. I like the way she paints a picture in my mind.