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Saturday, January 29, 2011

PaulaHiga Jewelry Designer and the Benefits of Networking

Who today, isn't on Twitter or Facebook or even both? I am on both and from the last post, you can see a great benefit from using Twitter. Last fall I won a giveaway from a blog via Facebook Fanpage by PaulaHiga  Jewelry Designer. Her style and shop always has something I love. You have to see her creations with Cameos.

I am privileged enough to now own a set of earrings by her and I hope to one day own one of her Cameo Chokers.

This brings me to the overall benefits of Networking. Through Facebook and Twitter you have to opportunity to meet wonderful people. Add Etsy and you have the perfect combination. Etsy you can inner network in the forums and their chat. They have virtual labs, which are addicting and extremely useful for all Etsy shop owners. Then they have Teams. This is something I am still learning but have joined a team for each of my shops. The Carnival of Curiosities is for my FeatherAhead and Etsy Crochet Lounge is for my CreationsByCReid shop. Here I have discovered great talented people who share my interests and aesthetic style.
During all of this networking, I have gained a great friendship with shops owner of TatterPunk and AngelicPenguin. She is so very multi talented and I will reference her talent often throughout my blog journey. I feel we inspire each other and keep our focus in the right direction. This is a very important part of a crafters life...the people who are there to keep them focused and balanced.  She was listening when I mentioned my that my favorite stones were amber and turquoise...and surprised me with these beauties when she sent her business cards I had requested.

Next post shall be family orientated and as more followers join in my journey here, I will work on a challenge...


  1. So beautiful your blog!!! I feel honored :)
    Thank you so much,


  2. I am so glad you love your earrings <3. They look fabulous on you no doubt. Sorry I didn't comment earlier lol