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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello and Please Forgive Me

This is my first attempt at this. Not sure what I am doing really. I would like to do shop features of my fellow Etsyans, share my crazy thoughts, recipes, etc and hope to hear from you as well. This is also where I will share my progress on long projects and my sneak peeks before they get listed. It may be slow going at first but I hope to keep you entertained long enough to make "following" me worth while :) For now I will share with you a few pieces from my Etsy shops to get an idea of what kind of creations I come up with.

Hat in my CreationsByCReid shop. This shop is more of a seasonal shop. I will try to add season specific shop but will add more during the months of August through Febuary.

Bridal Mini Top Hat from my closeout shop CReid0409. If there is anything you like in this shop, feel free to make me an offer. My goal is to have it completely closed by summer 2011. It was my original shop that as you can tell, had an aweful name.

Last but not least...Cancer tribute... FeatherAhead. This shop is my main focus. I like the untraditional "outside of the box" the "grey area" of things.

Now that you have a sneak peek into my mind you will be ready for my next post to come..

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