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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The OTHER side of me..

Hello. How do you start your day? I MUST have coffee to start my day. In my house, the kids and hubby knows that I will do nothing until I have some coffee. Gabe is really good about having my coffee ready for when I get up. I dislike mornings to say the least. Getting up before Noon should be against the law. Anyone who knows me, knows that calling before 9am is a big NO NO.  With that said, I love my sleep.
Who has pet peeves? I'm pretty sure everyone. Mine include men who leave the toilet seat up. Gabe has always been great about putting it back down when he's done. When I lived in Hawaii and was still living at home, my parents had a friend that would come over. He was notorious for leaving it up until I told him I was going to start charging him a quarter everytime he left it up. He quit leaving it up. LOL
Other pet peeves include, smacking and slurping when eating/drinking, grinding teeth, nail biting(my hubby likes to spit the nail or cuticle out where ever), when my kids run in the house and my 6yr olds need to argue and back talk.
Housekeeping is not my strong suit. I am disorganized to say the least. My crafting/work area my hub and I joke that its my organized mess. Dishes and laundry are the worst, mostly because no matter how much you do, there is still more to do. I would rather scrub the toilet.
I took this while on a family trip to Forks, Wa. I used the reflection of the movie poster in the Chamber of Commerce's window to capture Bella's truck. Image is Copyrighted by Creations By CReid Photography.

I have a crazy obsession for vampires. NO not the sparkly kind but I do enjoy the books of Twilight. My favorite vampire movie of all time is Interview with the Vampire. I rented it so much on VHS from a small video store that they just gave it to me. Lol NO joke.  I often joke that I should have been born one. If I could, I would get permanent fake fangs. I watch True Blood on HBO, read the books and watch the Vampire Diaries.  Which leads me to my favorite colors….red and black..I collect frogs. Stuffed animals, figurines, art, jewelry. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. Am thrilled that my oldest loves frogs too.  I have a couple tattoos of frogs too, among many other tattoos as well. They are very very  addicting. If tattoo school didn’t require so much money and time, I would go.

Hoh Rainforest..AMAZING! This is an acutal Sleepy Hollow tree! Another great movie :)
Photography. I love it.  Love being behind the camera..looking at life through the lens. I believe that you haven’t seen the beauties of the world until you have looked through a camera lens. I started out with a point and shoot  Kodak camera, then upgraded to the Nikon D60 with the 18-55 kit lens.  This was great for a couple of years and then I fell in love with the D90 and a 35mm lens. It is so awesome! I am currently in the market for some new lenses and a flash. Portrait photography is awesome. Engagement Sessions a blast. Love working with people.

Amazing couple. I will have the pleasure of shooting their wedding in May. Bonus-They are family :) 
I have expanded to weddings as well. This will be a learning experience but I know it will be great!
I think I shall end here so the next post I can pick up where I left off and go into how I got started with etsy.


  1. Man, I wish I lived near you, I would totally model for you (chubby as I am even!). I too enjoy the photographies, though I don't have the proper camera for what I'd like to do with it >_>. Also I hope that you can get the photos working soon on here! They can tend to be dodgy about that.

  2. when i get the new computer i shall download picasa and see if that works. its just weird that i was able to do the other 2 posts of pics just fine from my computer.