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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weddings..Beautiful! The Bride, Groom and Let's Not Forget the Rings!

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. But will the girl say "YES?" They are headed down that road to marriage. It starts out with a very big step. The question, "Will you marry me?" presented with a ring. Now, no matter how its done, there is always that unique and quirky story that the bride to be will tell the rest of her life. The size of the diamond doesn't matter or how much was spent. What matters is the thought and courage surrounding it.

And with these rings, would be hard to say NO lol...

On THE day, another ring is given, both to bride and groom. The ring is a circle. An endless and timeless symbol of everlasting love.  With open communication, trust and love..not to mention the balance of laughter and will stay on that road of everlasting love!
I want to be that old couple that still holds hands that the younger generations oohing and awing about. How bout you? Tell me your story! I shall share my engagement story with pictures in the near future! I may even turn this into a bit of a contest with the story sharing!

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  1. Will came home for a holiday weekend to surprise his mom and ended up asking me to go with him to Japan. In other words to marry him. I began the wedding arrangements I believe it was 7 months to plan a wedding. In October of 2004 we were married and two days later he took off for Japan...its been that way ever since. A little while home and a little while on deployment. I hate deployment time I am lost without him.